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Anchor turns your private yacht into a profitable venture without you having to lift a finger. Our services are tailored to keep your vessel in showroom condition while earning passive income through our exclusive ownership.

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Why Charter with Anchor?


Anchor's membership is built to provide our Owner Members with predictable charter income. Club Members are limited to 1-2 rentals per month giving you time to enjoy your yacht while still seeing an ROI.

Charters calendar

Owners are allowed to make their own schedule and blackout specific dates. We work around your schedule to generate revenue while the boat sits idle. You pick the dates and Anchor provides the insurance. 

Yacht Management

Our YM division combines traditional yacht management with an on-demand turn service for quick turnaround after charters. Simply put, your vessels will stay ready-for-use and sparkle at all times. 

Leveraging Potential.

Anchor allows you to charter your vessel while it sits idle. Unlock your yacht's earning potential and offset the cost of ownership without any of the work. Our turn-key service plan was customized to serve the specific needs of chartered yachts. 

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A turn-key model.

What makes Anchor's program standout is the fact that we provide all the resources a yacht owner needs to be legal, compliant and successful. From the insurance to the maintenance... we even hand-deliver the customers. Anchor is more than a just a broker or facilitator, we are your partner. 

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Rethink Yacht Ownership.

At Anchor, we believe your yacht is your asset, and it ought to perform like one. So we have crafted a solution that allows you to keep your yacht in showroom condition while earning passive revenue by offering crewed charters to our exclusive members.  

Earning Analytics

Average Earnings
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Average Earnings
@ 3 Charters / wk.


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Member Testimonials

Bert Morales

COO - Lakeland Country Club

"I was on the fence about purchasing a yacht, fearful I wouldn't use it often enough. Anchor Membership ended up saving me about $350k and the headache of managing all the upkeep."


David Annis

COO - MyArea Network

"I purchased my Anchor Membership with my business partner and use it for client outings. It is really easy to get those high-level meetings when they are hosted on a yacht."


Scott Conlon

CTO - MyArea Network

"Our company purchased an Anchor Membership to use for performance incentives. We immediately noticed an increase in productivity!"


Joe Hodges

Founder - Company Name

"I was tired of paying to store my smaller boat and only using it once a month. Now I have access to multiple amazing yachts and upped my boating game."

Owner Membership Highlights

Captains / Crew

Think of your Captain as your co-host. Every charter is driven by one of our USCG Licensed Captains who completes the pre/post-charter checklist.

Your asset. Your business.

This is not a fractional ownership program. It is a members-only club where Members get access to a yacht 1-2x per month. 

Marina Partners

Anchor has access to most private and public marinas. Meaning it makes it easy to get to your vessel. Fully insured, of course.

Passive Income

We can't emphasize the word passive enough... Anchor takes care of all the work. You collect a check every month and manage a calendar. That's it!


You'll receive monthly reports for the work performed, upcoming maintenance schedules, and market assessments for charterers. 

Showroom ready

Our Members expect the Anchor Fleet to be in top-notch condition. So our Yacht Management Service is tailored to keep your yacht sparkling.

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