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Concierge Service

Anchor is a platform AND a service. We manage the vessels and white glove all of your charters. Our fleet stays in "ready for use" condition eagerly awaiting to whisk you away for your next charter.  


Commercial Insurance

We have that covered. See our policy here.


Qualified Captains

Our USCG Licensed Captains are local & know the waterways.


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Stop paying thousands a month for your boat to sit.

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Members are finding that paying only for the use they have on yachts is a lot more affordable then owning a yacht or boat and, as a member, they have a fleet to choose from instead of just one yacht or boat. Captain and crew is always included.  


Bert M.

"I was tired of paying to store my smaller boat and only using it once a month. Now I have access to multiple amazing yachts and upped my boating game."


Ron F.

"I am blown away at the service I always receive. We request the same crew every month and over and over again we are blown away with the service."


Amy S.

"My husband and I love our membership and we can't imagine doing it with anyone else. The concierge team does an amazing job and is always so accommodating for any requests we have."

A boat that isn't running is breaking.

Let Anchor manage your boat or yacht and start chartering today.  

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